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Advanced Technologies Integration, Inc. (ATI) is a leading technology consulting firm with a reputation for delivering high-end results. We work with organizations in both the private and public sectors on the strategic decisions and technology solutions to help them perform at a higher level. 

Our portfolio of services range from technology strategy consulting to tactical software implementations. Our work spans the spectrum from focused software solutions to large enterprise software integrations.

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Proven Expertise

Our consultants have the track record and the skills to help our clients on a wide range of projects, whether it be gettig started with artificial intelligence, creating a mobile app, or providing agile coaching. 



Product Informaton in Multiple Languages

A Global 500 company, in the manufacturing industry, sells a staggering array of products for the healthcare, safety, electronics, telecommunications, industrial, consumer and office markets. To initiate its global digitization efforts, the company needed to display its product information in multiple languages on the Internet and also within its own corporate information systems. There was a problem, though: its global product database was limited to English. The company's marketing units worldwide, including Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia, had identified localization as the highest priority for its global product database. Providing multi-language capabilities would help the company better market its products to prospects and customers whose primary language is not English. Read how we helped.

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One of the First Consulting Firms with an Agile Practice


At the Forefront of Agile Software Development

The year was 1999 and Agile software development had not yet been invented. Yet, in that year, our consultants were already practicing agile software development. How was that possible? 1999 was the year of the landmark book, Extreme Programming Explained, that started the agile movement. It was not called agile in back then but we saw the benefits. So, we immediately embraced its principles and best practices. And we were sharing this revolutionary method with our clients.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has massive potential, but CIOs struggle to identify where and how to realize its business value. - a Gartner Trend Insight Report

We Can Help You Get Business Value from AI

What exactly is AI? What are the business outcomes of using AI? What are the potential opportunities for using AI? We can help answer these question and guide you in making decisions to maximize your return on investment from using AI.