Technology Strategy

Which technologies do you bet on? Which do you take a pass on?

Adopting the right technologies to provide maximum ROI and true value is a critical challenge for your company. ATI's Technology Strategy services ensure that you are adopting the technologies and processes that will provide the greatest opportunity for success. We are experienced at working with all the stakeholders within a corporation, from CEOs and CIOs to Technical Architects and Business Analysts. Our goal is to see that your IT initiatives are effectively and firmly in line with your corporate strategy.

Whether it's launching an e-commerce project or analyzing an enterprise CRM initiative, our capabilities can help.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Internet Strategy
  • E-Business Strategy
  • CRM Planning
  • ERP Strategy
  • Emerging Technology Analysis
  • Technical Architecture Analysis
  • Software Development Methodology Assessment
  • Network and Infrastructure Architecture
  • Security Strategy and Planning